Monday, March 14, 2011

The Supernova LED Grow Light Provides Benefits to Indoor Growers


Indoor gardeners are agog with the introduction of the latest LED grow light to hit the market--the Supernova LED. This family of LED grow lights offers improved light output for a fraction of the cost of using HID or other ordinary types of grow lights. Gardeners are impressed with its light coverage, increased light spectrum control, and cool running temperatures, among a wealth of improvements it brings to ordinary grow lamps.

The Supernova LED grow light offers an increased light coverage when compared with other LED grow lights. While other good LED grow lights offer a three foot by three foot area with good light coverage, the Supernova LED adds an additional two feet to that, for a total of five square feet of coverage area. All this light comes from a lighting unit that is space saving yet very powerful. The Supernova LED grow light achieves this large coverage through the clever use of seven individual circuit boards. This allows the light to flow out of the unit at different angles, and this unique design provides for its improved light coverage that your plants will appreciate.

When you purchase an ordinary grow lamp, it comes with a particular color temperature and color tone built in. This is also the case with the Supernova LED grow light, but with the major benefit of allowing you the flexibility to change the color spectrum as you wish. This is accomplished through independently adjustable spectrum control. In addition to this flexibility, the Supernova LED also comes in an enhanced spectrum version, providing you with six more custom LED light spectrums at your fingertips. While young plants require the blue light spectrum for growth, mature plants need red and orange light in order to produce fruits and flowers, so if you can adjust your light to meet their specific needs, they will experience much better growth rates. The unique Supernova LED grow light allows you to fine tune your light to exactly what your plants require, unlike any other grow light available.

Ordinary grow lights have a side effect, after being on for a length of time, of increasing heat temperature, so much so that extra equipment must be brought in in order that the lighting equipment does not overheat and malfunction. LED grow lights such as the Supernova LED avoid this issue because they have fans built into the units. This keeps the Supernova LED lights cool, and avoids entirely the need for ducting and air-cooled reflectors, which offers a tremendous cost savings to you, the indoor gardener.

A Supernova LED grow light is a new innovation in indoor gardening lighting that will offer superb lighting for your plants while saving you money.

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