Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Cool design" LED creative goods collection ——fashion LED

ED can fashion too! Supercool LED creative goods show!!!

LED neckerchief  this elegant neckerchief with shinning LED light is designed by Mary Huang

LED slipper  can walk freely at the night without light if you own it

LED eyes-protection lamp   

there are LCD lighting with inner glow on this beautiful eyes-protection lamp

LED gloves  No matter where your are,you always the shinning star if you are wearing this pair of gloves

LED umbrella

Japanese LED dress

LED earphone

LED earring

Korean LED eyelashes

LED sunglasses

Germany LED sneaker

LED cushion

LED shoeslace

LED suit

Thursday, July 14, 2011

LED landscape lighting shine Guangzhou Asian Games

  China has the world's major markets semiconductor lighting, LED lighting has been successfully applied to a large number of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo. With the recent success of the Asian Games in Guangzhou, the Pearl River lighting project successfully completed, indicates that China has a great LED lighting, urban landscape projects successfully completed. We expect: 2012, China LED Landscape lighting can scale up to 180 billion yuan.
  LED with its excellent color temperature consistency, small size,Low power consumption, Long life, no heat radiation, shock and impact-resistant, recyclable and other environmentally friendly features, has become a new generation of lighting, and more and more well known and accepted. Caused by the "green light" to this new concept has gradually been taking root.


  The recent Asian Games in Guangzhou for example, to complete the project in line with a green, energy saving, environmental protection, high-tech sporting event, organizers hope to find a professional LED lighting manufacturer, is responsible for the Pearl River architectural landscape lighting projects in the main design , and pre-sale and provide reliable after-sales service. To this end, Future Electronics Lighting Division (FLS) in the optical R & D center in Shenzhen carefully study the client's needs and provide appropriate solutions, choose the appropriate LED models, using advanced and reliable power-driven technology to test the optical lens, the light efficiency and to solve a series of problems with light. Future Electronics by self-developed simulation system, the associated cooling module to optimize the design.

  After a rigorous evaluation and selection, strategic partner Future Electronics Le Ray Optoelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ultimate success of the bid. After using this program, than to use traditional sources of lighting energy savings of more than 60% and 80% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, greatly reduce the organizers of the return on investment, is expected to recover investment costs within three years.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

China Silicone LED packaging market dominated by large foreign companies

Institute of Engineering LED industry, according to statistics, China's currentLED packageThere are about 1,500 enterprises, the number of high-end packaging companies have gradually increased, but the current package with high-performanceSiliconeBut to import the majority of foreign companies has an absolute advantage.

Silicone is mainly used for LED packaging, and global packaging silicone mainly by Shin-Etsu Chemical and Dow Corning provides, "The current domestic market is the polarization of the siliconeTrendForeign enterprises in the high-end market dominated by well-made silicone price war to seize the low-end market, "Dongguan, a home silicone company's CEO told reporters.

    Three international companies in the domestic high-end market silicone absolute advantage

Three silicone current international business, Dow Corning (Japan), Momentive (USA), Shin-Etsu (Japan) has an absolute advantage in the domestic market, targeting high-end packaging market, Taiwan's treasures, Changxing, Jie fruit, such as silicone companies Tianli domestic market share in an important share of end package; domestic silicone basic orientation in the low-end enterprise market.

"Three international brands of silicone have their own advantages, Dow Corning silicone dominant point, now more than 80% of the power package are the use of Dow Corning's silicone, in mainland China holds 50% market share; and Shin-Etsu Silicone positioning more high-end, many high-end packaging products companies specify the use of Shin-Etsu; Momentive's silicone low-power 3528,5050 occupies an important position in the market, "Taiwan Tianli Oceanside Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen, the mainland market agency personnel Chen Wenbin said.

When the domestic enterprises to open price war when the silicone, silicone three international companies, quality and brand is still to win, the market price of Dow Corning silicone 5000-6000 per kg, Shin-Etsu of 7,000 yuan kg, Momentive silicone in 5000 kg , while domestic prices remain at 500-1000 silicone kg, Momentive's China agent said the salesman Michael.

It is understood that the three international brands with a silicone nearly century-old, has more experience, Dow Corning was established in 1943; Momentive is pre-Toshiba, General Electric, after the holding, sold to the U.S. Apollo, named Momentive has over 80 years of history.

In addition to more experience, international business three silicone product technology and quality advantages. It is understood that Dow Corning silicone refractive index of 1.5, close to 1.5 Taiwan enterprises, domestic silicone is around 1.4. Chen Wenbin said foreign silicone meet domestic demand for high-end packaging companies. Domestic packaging companies a huge market, but foreign companies dominant in the domestic silicone.

    Silicone only meet domestic market demand for low-end package

At present, silicone small businesses, mostly foreign agents or products of Taiwan enterprises, domestic enterprises silicone base does not go into the mainstream, the only low-end package to meet customer needs.

"China has done a lot of chemical companies, but small scale, lack of funds, lack of technology to low-end market, domestic enterprises silicone-based, inexpensive, quality barely can," Chen Wenbin said.

"At present, domestic LED packaging for a variety of silicone products, but relatively lower resistance to the old, have a higher life expectancy of LED lighting products, imports of silicon is relatively better choice", a packaging company's marketing director told reporters Engineering LED .

But some people think of domestic silicone has reached the international level, the domestic enterprise established in silica is not long, the lack of market awareness and recognition of domestic silicone. "China-made silica gel has reached the level of the international market, products are more mature, heat resistance and the old have reached a certain level of" an enterprise of the market in Dongguan officials said.

LED package on the market today with a silicone into high power LED, SMD LED and other high-power LED is divided into the lens, and the mode of integration, which requires relatively low silica lens on the other package of silica gel demanding.

"At present, the lens can be the use of domestic silicone-based package."

Silicone domestic enterprises set up time is about 20-30 years or so, but as technology improved, as well as the importance of the technological level of domestic silicone gradually to meet the domestic end-market demand.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lighting Science Group Celebrates the Production of Two Million LED Light Bulbs

Recently, Lighting Science Group, has celebrated a production milestone with the production of a total two million led light bulbs. Management’s looking ahead with optimism, evidenced by a doubling of its workforce to 400 in 2010.

In addition, the company also has developed a partnership with Dixon Technologies which grants the latter exclusive rights to distribute LSG’s products in India. Jim Haworth, LSG’s CEO,announced that “Our entry into China earlier in the year and now India is an indication of what’s to come for Lighting Science Group as we solidify our worldwide brand presence.”


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