Monday, March 21, 2011

LED Grow lights-saving light plants made significant progress in key technologies

By the Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development Research Fellow Yang presided over the completion of its long "plant LED grow lights Production of energy efficient light sources and application of key technologies "project, recently organized by the Ministry of Agriculture experts. To Fang Zhiyuan, director of the Academy for the results of the project evaluation committee gave a high evaluation, that the results are LED(Light-emitting diode) light source in the field of application of plant major technological breakthrough for modern agriculture, plant tissue culture, plant the fields of energy efficient plant production provides an important technical support, on the whole reached the international advanced level.


Energy saving at home and abroad the urgent technology needs, the research group after 8 years of exploration, the LED gow lights system in plant tissue culture, seedlings, leafy vegetables and medicinal plants, vegetables, quality control, such as greenhouse production systems fill light application mechanism, proven to improve energy use efficiency of plant light environment index system optimized for LED applications in the field of plants and development of energy-saving lighting system provides an important theoretical basis; for plant tissue culture, artificial light propagation and planting, greenhouse Fill the different uses of the specific needs of the light source, developed a blue LED as the main red spectral composition, light environment smart adjustable, easy to install LED soft lights, lamp, lamp board, and other series of LED light source system; in the international arena will be the first LED light source for plant breeding factories, homes, factories, and other areas of plant and expand the scope of application of the LED light source; for the first time developed a LED light source with a tissue culture container, completely solve the traditional tissue culture container and its cap shading problem, significantly enhanced the photosynthetic efficiency of plant tissue culture, energy savings of 80% or more.


8 years, the research group has applied for 25 patents related, including patents 6, authorized patents 11; have to "plant LED grow light and key supporting technology" extended to Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Jilin, Shandong, Guangdong , Liaoning, Shaanxi, more than 30 provinces (cities, districts) and the military base, promote the use of total area of ​​20 square meters. 2010, "LED family of plant factories" on display in Shanghai World Expo will be successful, by domestic and international attention.


Energy efficient LED grow light source of plant production breakthroughs in key technologies for agricultural applications of LED among the ranks of great powers to provide effective technical support, but also for the future in the Gobi, desert, islands and reefs, polar, skyscrapers and other non-arable land and the efficient production of food self-sufficiency in space provided important technical support, application prospect is very broad.

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