Monday, March 7, 2011

2010 Shanghai World Expo LED lighting shine

2010 Shanghai World Expo LED lighting shine
2008 Beijing OlympicsPeriod, from the magnificent opening ceremony to the landmark venues Lighting, To the success of the closing ceremony,LED Lighting Also brought to the world a visual feast. It is reported that in 2010 Shanghai ExpoWill, LED will continue to shine. In the recently held seminar on lighting Shanghai World Expo 2010, ExpoLandscape LightingDesignHas in its profile. Many experts confidence that the application of the Expo LED level of concentration will be less than the Games.

It is understood that at the Expo to make a large area LED applications, the relevantTechnology Continues to mature optimization is the premise. At present, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission hasSemiconductor LightingAs a "special Expo Science and Technology" key focus areas, has supported a number of studies. Many enterprises also have aimed at the business opportunities Expo, trying to break through key technical bottlenecks. According to the Shanghai World Expo will light the chief architect of Architecture and Urban Planning of Tongji University, Professor Hao Luoxi introduction, the exposition of the night lighting design will form the three main axes: the Huangpu River, the Expo Axis and pontoons, as well as major countries across the hall in Pudong elevated area trails. These places will be LED lighting, "shine" place. Among them, the Urban Best Practices Area will become a concentrated demonstration area LED.? A? JP? Y? Z? ^? X??? V112664

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