Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Best LED Grow Lights Improves Indoor Gardening

Best LED Grow Lights Improves Indoor Gardening

Indoor Gardening

Most people live in areas of the world that are either not warm enough, or do not receive enough sunlight on a daily basis to grow crops year-round outdoors. Over time home-sites have also become smaller and smaller, reducing the area most homeowners have for an outdoor garden. As a result most people are forced to purchase hormone-grown, pesticide-loaded fruits and vegetables from the grocery store, that taste less and less like fruit each year. The only option most people have to sustain their families year-round with organically-grown, vitamin-rich food, is by starting their own indoor garden. That is where LED Grow Lights are the perfect solution, as plants require a light source other than the sun if they are to grow indoors.



Best LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights are the latest form of indoor plant lights, offering their users a green and energy-efficient alternative to HID (High Intensity Discharge) lighting. Just as our bodies require specific nutrients to stay strong and healthy, plants require specific ratios and colors of light in order to properly photosynthesize. Unlike HID lights which emit a full-spectrum white light (much of which is unused by plants), LED's emit narrow wavelengths of light that can be combined to simulate the specific ratios and spectra that plants use most efficiently for photosynthesis. By arranging LED's of the proper wavelengths and ratios, LED Grow Lights are able to deliver up to 100% usable light for plant growth! LED Growlights also operate hundreds of degrees cooler than HID bulbs, making them a much better alternative for indoor gardens. With the use of LED Grow Lights one can reduce their power bill by up to 70%, while virtually eliminating the need for ventilation and A/C. LED GrowLights also eliminate mercury-filled HID bulb replacements, and contain no harmful or un-recyclable materials.


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