Thursday, March 3, 2011

LED lighting, an increase of 500% investment in the Great Leap Forward

"In 2009, China's LED lighting, the penetration rate of less than 1%, but I estimate that next year will usher in a major outbreak, optimistic estimate or 5% to 10%. "December 14, 2010 is held in Guangzhou Asian Energy Forum, Shenzhen LED ("light-emitting diode," energy-saving lamps) president Wang Dian-fu Industry Association predicts that by 2015, LED lighting, or the penetration rate of more than 30%.
Global lighting giant Philips even more optimistic forecast, LED lighting, general lighting market in the world in 2015 the proportion rose to 50%, 80% in 2020. According to statistics LEDinside, 2009, the global LED lighting output of about 2.4 billion, only 3.3% penetration.

Wang Dian-fu said, according to the survey, plans to import the extension of the domestic manufacturers of furnace (MOCVD, the LED chip production equipment) for the 1466 platform, "What is the concept of this figure? Means this is the sum of the 2006 World MOCVD." As of the end of 2009, the world has been put into the MOCVD equipment, only 1,200 units. LED high-tech enterprise development, according to the National Committee of the forecast, the domestic LED industry in 2010 will reach 600 billion yuan investment, compared with more than 100 billion yuan last year, 500%.

However, this also led to excess investment in the industry on the LED industry concerns. China more than 3,000 LED business, not a company's market share of more than 2%, the annual output value of only 140 million, of which no one with annual sales exceeding 10 million.

An industry concern is expressed, the current domestic LED lamp products, light effect, lighting uniformity, color, life Dengjun there are technical problems of instability, especially the light failure are so severe in some cities The test results are not satisfactory.

A huge hidden dangers that most Chinese companies do not have the LED current core technologies, such as, LED chip technology is mainly controlled by Cree, Philips , Osram, Nichia and a few foreign hands.

"More serious is the issue of talents." Wang Dian-fu said that the current order of 1,466 domestic units MOCVD terms, need to more than 1,400 engineers, more than 100 leaders, but fell far short of the talent team building.

In Wang Dian-fu seems certain domestic enterprises to go LED Grow lights lean manufacturing path, "or to focus on quality and brand."

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