Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LED grow light safety instruction

Regardless of the application that indoor led grow lights will be used for illumination, safety should always be a priority. Failure to follow led manufacture's safety instructions could cause a hazardous situation such as electrical fires, product failure and bodily harm.

1. Extension cords - can be very helpful in many different scenarios, however, if used incorrectly, they can cause fires. Extension cords should only be used on a temporary basis. Check the extension's amperage rating which is usually represented as "A" or "amps." Make sure the appliance connected to the extension cord do not exceed the amperage rating.

Power tools and high voltage appliances should be plugged into heavy-duty, grounded, three-wire extensions. Discard extensions that are frayed, cracked insulation or have damaged plugs. When removing an extension cord from an electrical outlet, hold firmly on the plug (the part that touched the outlet) and pull - do not remove by tugging the cord.

2. Led grow lights Safety

Regardless of the application environment (home, office, warehouse, et) safety precautions must be taken. Familiarize yourself with safety, installation and maintenance of led grow lighting. Improper installation and maintenance can lead to fires, deaths or personal injuries.

Follow the manufacturer instructions for lamp cycling. Timers are available that will automatically cycle lamps, either on a scheduled or random basis depending upon what is best for a user's needs.

Contact the LED grow light manufacture's for recommendations on specific  applications. Do not use luminaries in an application where the ambient temperature exceeds the luminaries rated temperature.

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