Friday, June 24, 2011

Thermal Technology’s K1 Produces China’s Largest Commercial-Grade Sapphire Crystal for LEDs

Thermal Technology’s K1 Produces China’s Largest Commercial-Grade Sapphire Crystal for LEDs

Thermal Technology’s Model K1 sapphire crystal grower was utilized by Hefei Crystalbridge Optoelectronic Materials Co. Ltd. to produce China’s first commercial grade sapphire crystal of nearly 100kg.   Crystalbridge estimates these crystals will yield 4,000mm of “two inch equivalent” (TIE) rods, or about 5,700 high quality 2-inch substrates.

Crystalbridge grew the crystal in14 days, an increase in productivity of more than 25 percent compared to most other Chinese producers.  “Achieving this milestone only one month from equipment move-in demonstrates our ability to operationally execute and to become a key supplier in the global Led market,” said Chen Jun, General Manager of Crystalbridge.
Thermal Technology’s Model K1 sapphire crystal grower offers unmatched capital productivity and crystal quality levels in volume production, and is now in start-up at multiple customers in China.  The K1 utilizes a modified kyropoulos (KY) technology, combining the proven high crystal quality of kyropoulos with proprietary seeding, automation and process control capability resulting in the highest productivity levels available.
 “We researched multiple crystal growth technologies prior to making our selection,” said Chen.  “We chose Thermal Technology’s K1 because KY technology is proven to yield very high quality substrates and is in successful production at a majority of the largest sapphire producers in the world.  The K1 cycle time is 25 to 30 percent faster than other alternatives; so each of our systems can produce 25,000 to 30,000 substrates more per year than our competitors using HEM or other alternatives.

Chen expects to be producing LED substrate at a rate of greater than1 million pieces annually by the end of 2011, and will expand to more than 5 million pieces annually by the end of 2012.  “We are very pleased that our team and our partners were able to achieve this first in China’s honor,” he says.

“We are pleased that Crystalbridge chose us as their strategic partner,” says Matt Mede, president and CEO of Thermal Technology.   “Our K1 system has achieved notoriety in Taiwan for production performance and ease of technology transfer.  We anticipate the same success with our entry into the Chinese market.”

Thermal Technology designs and led lights manufacturers crystal growing systems and high temperature vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces for the advanced processing of metals, ceramics, glass and quartz. Thermal Technology has 60 years of experience with more than 3000 installations in 40 countries.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Solar LED Lighting Tech Information

            Solar LED lights are semiconductor diodes that emit light when charged with electricity. The color they produce is different depending on their chemical composition. Therefore LED lights don't require a filter to produce a certain color of light. LEDs use far less electricity than incandescent and fluorescent lights. Solar LED lights are ordinary LEDs that have been connected with a photovoltaic cell with an energy storage method. Since LED lights can function efficiently using direct current, no energy conversion is necessary.
            Solar LED lights are often used for lighting landscaping, pathways and gardens. They are also sometimes used in motion sensor lights and city and commercial lighting. The lights have a solar panel installed on top which charges a battery or a capacitor. LED lights require very little energy to function, so the lights can usually stay on all night without draining all the stored energy. Since solar LED lights are often used outdoors, many of them are waterproof.
            Solar LED lights have a relatively high up-front cost. They are also affected by the quality of light that they're exposed to. On overcast days, the battery might not receive as much of a charge as on sunny days. This can run down the battery, affecting the quality and length of the light produced.
            After the initial costs are paid, solar-powered LED lighting produces light for free. Since they don't get their energy from the grid, they don't require cumbersome wires. They also help to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Thus they are better for the environment than ordinary light sources. Also, solar LED lights usually don't need much maintenance. LED lights have a much longer lifespan than incandescent or fluorescent lights, which also saves money.
            When the cost of solar-powered LED lights comes down, they will undoubtedly become much more popular. Solar LED lights have tremendous potential for energy conservation. In the future, we will probably see more solar LED lights on roadways, in homes, paths and gardens. The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 has mandated a significant increase in the efficiency of lighting devices. This will eliminate many energy-wasting incandescent bulbs from the market by 2012. The U.S. Department of Energy has also introduced a competition called the Bright Tomorrow Lighting Prize, offering millions of dollars of prize money for the development of highly efficient solid state LED lighting technology to replace incandescent light bulbs. These efforts will very likely improve the efficiency, availability and price of solar LED lighting products.

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HomeLights Partners with Bridgelux to Promote LED products

HomeLights Partners with Bridgelux to Promote LED products

Recently, Led lighting company, HomeLights, has partnered with Bridgelux, to introduce a new generation of Led products to be sold through one of the world's largest retailers.

HomeLights has selected Bridgelux’s industry-leading, high flux density LED Array technology to enable their new series of energy efficient, environmentally-friendly spotlight luminaires and bulbs.

In addition, HomeLights and Bridgelux also partners on new and unique led lighting solutions that will be sold directly by HomeLights in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Benelux beginning in October of this year.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Elemental LED Encourages Employees to DIY LED Lighting

Since May, San Francisco based company Elemental Led has launched a new monthly initiative to encourage employees to create their own projects that utilize led lights.
According to the Employee DIY project, each participating employee will be given a modest budget to be spent on any of the LED lights and accessories in Elemental LED's catalog of products every month. At the end of each month, each employee is given the opportunity to show off his/her creation at a show and tell . Everyone present will vote on their favorites, and the winners will receive gift certificates to local restaurants and stores.

Projects that were shared for May included: A movie box lit by LED light bars; a color changing LED-lit alien helmet; a motorcycle headlight retrofitted with LED dome lights; an art piece inspired by Shaun Kasperbauer, and composed of empty plastic bottles and color changing led strip light; a bike rider kit including LED strip light retrofitted to a bike helmet and messenger bag for safety; and several other submissions.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

LED Street Lights Controls Delivers Greater Energy Efficiency

Streetlight Intelligence Inc. ("SLQ") is pleased to report that, the street Lighting industry has recognized that Led luminaires can achieve greater energy efficiency when outfitted with adaptive lighting controls, such as SLQ's Lumen IQ™ Adaptive Street Light Management System. In fact, industry experts have recently stated that "led street lights designed for a long service life can be operated at reduced power levels and still deliver the needed light output, plus controls can dim or extinguish lights as appropriate… a street light with an adaptive lighting controller could cut back drive current by 30% at install time both saving energy and potentially lengthening the service life of the LEDs and the drive electronics".

"SLQ is well positioned to capitalize on the growing industry adoption of LED technology for roadway lighting applications, and to date we have worked with 7 LED fixture manufacturers including 5 of the top North American manufacturers," states Vince Krynski, SLQ's CEO. "We have made the appropriate investment to develop the right products and we are establishing relationships with key players in the Led lighting arena to ensure our products interface seamlessly".
SLQ recently released its Lumen IQ™ L300 controller with its first installation in the city of Vancouver BC. The L300 works specifically with LED luminaires and is controlled as part of a standard Lumen IQ™ Adaptive Street Light Management System. The result is that SLQ customers can manage both LED and HID lights using the same system, making their transition to LED luminaires as cost-effective as possible.
About the Lumen IQ™ Adaptive Street Light Management System
The Lumen IQ™ Adaptive Street Light Management System has the capability to track energy use and to accurately measure energy savings. It also automatically informs dispatch crews on maintenance needs, such as lamp failures, and monitors the performance of individual street lights, which enables proactive maintenance and reduced response times.
About Streetlight Intelligence Inc.
Streetlight Intelligence Inc. develops advanced, award-winning adaptive street light management systems. Trademarked as Lumen IQ™, SLQ's technologies can be used with existing or new street lighting fixtures, including LED-based fixtures, to provide improved lamp performance, adaptive lighting control, and system-wide communications for centralized street light management. SLQ's systems enable street light operators to significantly reduce their community's energy consumption, maintenance costs and environmental impact. SLQ is a public company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol SLQ". For more information, visit