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Shanghai World Expo will help people of LED lighting into the home three to five years

LED lighting technology by night this reporter Chen Huanhuan Expo Axis / Photography

Zhangjiang, Shanghai high-tech enterprises to gather. Shanghai Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research Center here and inconspicuous.

But when the "Science Times" reporter in-depth interview after the discovery, popularization of LED lighting in China may be the hope of a breakthrough from here.

Changes to the platform from the stage

Compared to the hustle and bustle during the day, the Expo is even more evident at night near a distance to see the beauty of tilapia, in addition to "a four-axis Hall" and the Urban Best Practice Area, the park plaza lighting, along the landscape, identity and smart guidance systems are used semiconductor lighting technology. According to preliminary estimates, the entire park LED chips more than the amount of 10 billion, more than 80% of the park's night lighting with LED technology. Can be said that the Expo site has become the world's largest LED demonstration area.

Is a new solid-state LED light source, a small size, low power consumption, long life, fast response, high reliability, has been recognized as a world, the importance of energy saving lighting, materials, and to expand up to speed fast kinds of applications. Currently, the semiconductor lighting has become a national competition in the field of energy-saving technology focus. Internationally, the high-end LED technology continues to progress, with each passing day.

Recently, the "Science Times" reporter learned during an interview in Shanghai, with the opportunity for the World Expo, Shanghai's semiconductor lighting Industry Has been a spurt of development, a group of national business development and growth momentum.

China in 2003 Science and Technology Relevant ministries and local governments jointly set up National Semiconductor Lighting Project Coordination Leading Group, officially launched the National Semiconductor Lighting Project, Ministry of Science and Shanghai became the first approved four national semiconductor lighting industrial bases.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Technical Physics researcher Wei Lu believes that Shanghai World Expo, once again promoting the Shanghai LED industry chain development, and in the post-World Expo era, Shanghai should start LED stage show developed into a true development platform for Shanghai semiconductor lighting industrial technology level to improve and promote Shanghai semiconductor lighting industrial scale development.

Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Semiconductor Lighting Guo Yansheng, director believes that the support of national policy in Shanghai is leading the LED industry, the progress of the country. He said that China is a manufacturing country, semiconductor lighting industry has an unparalleled advantage in the downstream. After years of investment in Shanghai, in the upper, middle and lower reaches have cultivated a group of self-agglomeration Intellectual Property Enterprises, especially in the last 3 years, the Expo focused on a number of technology projects, the next goal is to white LED lighting into millions of households.

Incubator to promote the market

Shanghai Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Research Center in early 2005 by the Shanghai co-sponsored by 17 units set up base there are currently more than 300 enterprises, including Benjamin, think twice, blue, Sapphire is one of the best and other enterprises.

Through 5 years of efforts, the Shanghai semiconductor lighting of public R & D and services platform even better. On this platform, 7 sub-centers and five specialized laboratories dedicated LED products to establish technology, quality and safety standards (specifications) system for product selection of LED products used to provide the scientific side, convenient and uniform standards. Standards have been developed, including electronic detection LED light color standards, LED substrate material standards, LED chip test method standards, LED instantaneous flux test method standards, LED construction and acceptance of standards. Among them, the construction and acceptance criteria have been formally listed in Shanghai local standard, starting May 1 this year, the formal implementation.

This year's guide to science and technology research in 2010 also clearly stated the standard-setting work, as the focus of this year. However, the Shanghai Engineering Research Center for Semiconductor Lighting Feng Xiong, assistant director, said the industry update too fast, the basic 3 to 6 months after the performance there are significant changes, many standards have not yet worked out already out of date. "This is a problem emerging industries." He said.

Industry update speed, and more small and medium enterprises, how to promote industrial development?

On this issue, the Shanghai semiconductor lighting industry incubator Liman Ping, chairman of a profound experience: "We have projects in the organization found during the Expo, semiconductor technology, lighting design is very wide, each company has its own technical expertise, can not cover all. Imagine if there is a platform that can integrate expertise from various enterprises for the World Expo in Shanghai semiconductor lighting industry to contribute, it will be wonderful to pieces. "

Thus, the Shanghai semiconductor lighting industry incubator came into being. This is a transformation in order to promote scientific and technological achievements and train high-tech enterprises and entrepreneurs for the purpose of the technology business services center. Technical support under the market docking, shared network of professional and expert advice incubator 4. Through this platform, many SMEs are in this project, the Shanghai World Expo assigned to share.

Liman Ping told "Science Times" reporter, said that participating in projects such as the Theme Pavilion, the incubator companies are formed under the team to undertake the project, finally found a good effect.

"Set up semiconductor lighting incubator, the biggest job is to market-driven." Liman Ping said that many companies are relatively small, it is difficult for the market, it is difficult for government organizations, large projects. If the organization through the project to integrate enterprise resources, these enterprises will be able to undertake large projects. "This is an experience that left the World Expo." She said excitedly.

Large training through the Expo, a group of companies stand out in Line Has a certain reputation in the industry. Next, an incubator and industrial base linkage of the intention and the surface. "We're like a cradle." Liman Ping said, "want to develop stars entrepreneurs, support for enterprises through a variety of faster development. But our principle is that once they grow, and to leave the incubator space to help us provide better business continue to develop. "

Look forward to every household white light illumination

Landscape lighting is currently high domestic chip performance, but the indoor lighting and functional lighting is still lagging behind. China White LED home insufficient technical capacity.

However, the Shanghai World Expo Park, the main road all the steps made by the white LED lighting, saving energy consumption by 70%.

In the exposition of the "Shanghai Eco-Home", including outdoor landscape lighting and interior functionality, including all lighting, white lighting, LED lighting technology are used. Lighting, general manager of the ear on the pine Cao Dong believes that this indicates that functional white lighting into millions of households possible.

Guo Yansheng said that the future in Shanghai, shops, buildings, street lamps, tunnel bridges public works will be able to see more LED applications, such as Chongming Tunnel will be all-LED lighting. The white LED lighting will also be in 3 to 5 years into people's homes.

In fact, the current home of the market is not without LED product sales, but Liman Ping told reporters, consumers, the absence of specialized equipment is difficult to determine the time of purchase there is the problem.

The reporter was informed, in response to the World Expo, Shanghai semiconductor lighting engineering and technology research centers established a set of technical standards system and evaluation system products, services, World Expo LED product testing and evaluation, as the application of LED products to enter the Expo will provide access to services; this system after the Expo will also have to use LED products, evaluation mechanisms, optimization, add the appropriate standards.

Experts said that if this system of promotion, will be able to LED product life, reliability, energy saving, safety, rationality and other aspects of assessment, to determine market access, and promote the healthy development of LED industry.

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