Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LED bus stop lighting systems are particularly suitable for rural areas?

After nearly two years of the pilot, Hangzhou Xiaoshan region currently has 54 rural bus stop using solar power led lighting system. Xiaoshan passenger transport infrastructure headquarters confirmed that this lighting system is the latest in the next year before the Spring Festival, the region has completed the transformation of the rural bus stop in use.

Lighting system especially suitable for rural areas

It is reported that rural bus stop, no lighting, it is prone to the site to be touched or been touched Yexing Ren and other accidents. To some extent, bus stops lighting lighting even more important than the road. However, due to its location in rural areas, rural bus stop, take more trouble with the municipal people's power, then the cost of electricity is also high.

Back in September 2008, Samick line Xinyi village bus stop on both sides of roads, installation of LED lighting systems, this is my first trial area LED lighting system. This lighting system consists of solar power and low-carbon of LED lights. Main function is to use photovoltaic technology to convert solar energy into electricity. LED is a semiconductor light-emitting diode abbreviation. In the LED lighting systems, photovoltaic electricity will be stored in batteries, then the supply of LED lights, complete with its light emitting characteristics. This system, solar energy is completely clean, light-emitting diode is an environmentally friendly, energy saving, power efficient solid-state light sources. LED lighting is the next generation of new sources of energy and the perfect combination.

Xiaoshan passenger transport infrastructure Jin Wei, head of the command are said to use LED lighting in rural public transportation system not only solved the difficult problem of electrical connection sites, even more gratifying is that this system was originally designed for the 7th consecutive rainy days as usual to generate electricity. Last year, Xiaoshan nine consecutive rainy days, at night, bus stop lighting systems to work as usual.

Stops in each province costs 3000 yuan

Jin Wei calculations are to reporters, the original bus stop site uses the fluorescent lighting. A 8 m bus station, for example, to install fluorescent tubes is 30, each fluorescent lighting 10 hours per night, the bus stops a year in electricity (commercial electricity prices) needs to 4489.5 yuan.

Use of LED lighting systems, using solar power technology, no electricity costs. However, this system was the battery replaced once every three years, and to install security devices, this is a major expense. According to the staff, for this system is 12 volts, will not cause injuries to passengers.

According to reports, the half of the transit site uses LED lighting systems, electric lighting, the other half still received the same time lighting, LED fluorescent lamp night power consumption of only about 30%. Year, the use of LED lights to save electricity bus station is about 3,000 yuan.

It also is not fluorescent tube replacement cost. Fluorescent tube life is generally two to three years, the cost of each lamp to buy $ 8. The LED lamp life of 100,000 hours, according to the design for 20 years without replacement. LED Lights Lamp replacement cost is not generated by the number of pens.

The end of September there are 580 sites, "light"

In the early 54 pilot rural bus stop in New Street and Town have a pilot up to justice, each with 10, Puyang, eight, six Canton Town, temporary Town, Nga town Ning around town all four, wearing the village and town on the river 2.

It is understood that the end of September this year, 580 rural bus stops will be installed on the LED lighting system, until next year before the Spring Festival, the district soared to 600 rural bus stop, the cost savings will be considerable.

Double the global market regulations to force the evolution of LED lighting to high-end

"July 2009, Obama met at the White House U.S. 8 LED Company's CEO, that can save a lot of Energy The LED Illumination Technology and the emergence of new products is excited about the future. Currently 22% of U.S. electricity is used for lighting, and LED lighting will be expected to promote this ratio reduced by 60%. "In an interview with Nanchang University, Professor Feng-Yi Jiang," China Electronic News "correspondent, said. Energy crisis and energy Environmental protection Awareness of the rise of the global LED lighting market continues to grow. As the LED industry set of technology and capital-intensive in one, the European Union, the United States, Japan, Korea and China Taiwan region and so constantly increase input to guide development of research institutions and enterprises focus on high-end LED technology and new products, to seize the LED lighting industry technical high ground.

    Gradually merged with the traditional lighting LED

Governments to actively develop environmental regulations prohibit the use of incandescent lamps. Traditional lighting giant introduced new LED light source, to accelerate the formation of new business models.

As the global lighting electricity consumption topped 20% of the total annual electricity consumption, of which up to 90% of the energy is converted into heat energy consumption, very cost-effective, environmental protection, energy saving considerations, LED lighting has quickly become a popular concern about the technologies and industry. At the same time, governments actively develop environmental regulations, laws and regulations in the market and the dual interests of stimulation, the size of the global LED industry was rapidly growing trend.

The advantages of LED lighting is self-evident. LED light-emitting efficiency is high, life is very long, its luminous efficiency can reach 2.5 times the fluorescent, incandescent, 13 times. Incandescent light-emitting efficiency is very low, only 5% of electrical energy into light energy, 95% of electrical energy into heat wasted. Relatively better than the incandescent lamp, 20% to 25% of electrical energy into light energy, but there are also 75% to 80% of the energy is wasted. Therefore, from energy efficiency point of view, these two sources of efficiency is very low. Therefore, LED lighting, the benefits are obvious. Australia in 2007 introduced the world's first regulations prohibit the use of incandescent light, the EU in March 2009 adopted a phase-out incandescent regulations. Therefore, the two traditional lighting companies on the international Osram And accelerated in recent years Philips LED lighting layout. They enter the market to promote the rapid development of LED lighting, LED technology is also accelerating the pace of progress.

With the LED lighting industry in the area of ​​rapid development, the traditional lighting giant hopes to introduce a new design of light leaving the more innovative lighting products. Therefore, LED lighting and conventional lighting in both areas are gradually combined to accelerate the formation of a new lighting business model, which is very conducive to the rapid promote the use of LED lighting bulbs.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cheap LED bulb appear on the market

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Recently, several kind of LED light product, such as, normal spiral mouth LED lights suppliers, could be found at supermarkethousehold electrical appliance stores in Shenzhen, and the bulb price is RMB30 yuan, which is cheaper than expected. "because of high price, consumer still don't want to accept in spite of it has many advantages when compareing with traditional luminous product" some insider said.

Guangdong LED industry development plan indicated that Guangdong government will promote 30 million indoor LED lights during the period of the 12th five-time. On community building, in order to encourage people to purchase LED light bulb, government will offer subsidy at 30%~50%.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

LED application is tending to diversification

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Normal white fluorescent suitable for daily lighting and backlight , but color LED light could be used for BuildingEntertainment and Gardening. Red LED, currently launched by Philips, a famous LED light manufacturers, is aim at apply it to application areas, such as, established Gardening and entertainment.

Red LED is main be apply to Gardening. A articles published on LED-based horticultural lighting ever pinted out that the Chlorophyll synthetic speed of plants will up to the most fast under the light with wave length 600nm.

The backlight of Large screen TV can improve its picture's color saturation by means of RGB(red, green and blue) LED.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chinese solar light popular inMyanmar Market

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A lot of solar LED light enter into Myanmar market by Muse border trade port. Owing to this light need no power, and could light at night when put it in the sun for 30 minutes or 1 hour. so, on marketing, it was popular with our customers soon, a Mynamar merchant said.   

A customer says" it is not very safe when lighting by candle, because it may cause fire, however, solar light can keep us away form this fear and it very convenience for usage. Besides, Burmese are like the solar light design very much.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Super solar plane show in Pairs

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at 10 AM on 26th, according to local time, in Paris, France, the super solar plane" solar driver" successfully made twenty-minutes fly show in the 49th Pairs plane exhibition.

On July, 2010, "Solar driver" successfully achieve fly constant 24 hours that prove new solar plane fly at night is possible, and it can fly forever in theory. This fly could be gone down into the history of flight.  

Sunday, August 7, 2011

LED street light popular in Dandong

Since 2009, Dandong, a city of Liaoning province in North-east of China, firstly had made pilot  project at zhenba street, with that Xingyi Road, east part of Shuguang Road were installed LED street light, all of this have good light effect.

 In order to build effective and gorgeous green light road, this year, Dandong city is about to widely apply LED light to public light. 

It was introduced, with the execution of the"12th five-year" light renew project, Dangdong city is planning to install LED light on all new road in the coming 5 years, meanwhile, the old street light also be renew in batch.  Therefore, lot of LED light suppliers are actively preparing for win a bidding.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A bad attitude to LED lights

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Since a assessment report for sensor street lamps and LED bulbs has been made out, Tampe, a city of Arizona state, refused LED lights out of the consider of the expensive equipment and unsteady elements under the extreme climate at southern of Arizona state.  

Tampe is set about a blocks lighting system renovating project, and it choose sensor light instead of SSL to replace HPS and MH. American light technology company, a LED light manufacturer as well as a led light supplier, announced that it will supply 100 ps sensor lights to Tampe in order to save energy consumption by 40%. Obviously, Tampe think the light doesn't suit for the extreme desert climate."Since a assessment report for sensor street lamps and LED lamps has been made out, Tampe refused LED lights." AlexanderHam, vice executive president of American light technology company said.

Monday, August 1, 2011

SuiNing initial install LED street light at large area

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Recently, a lot of workmen who work in electric industrial park and nearby farmer found that  over 10 new street lights has been installed at yulong Road, north of suining city, Sichuan Province. It was learned, the 90 new street lights are solar LED lights whom firstly be installed in our city at large area, which be taken as vital evidence to decide whether to make a further promotion or not. 

pilot explore   RMB 7000 /P

On spot, several workman are arranging cable on electrical pole, some one is installing Photovoltaic solar panels, some men are installing LED lights...... Though workman are sweating profusely, yet no one stop for a while. Install workman introduced the solar cell of LED absorb sun power at day, then storage after transform the sun power into electronic power to meet lighting at night.

"Adding installation charge, this project need cost RMB seven hundred thousand yuan in total when count at RMB 7000 yuan a light." Wu bo, director of Development Zone Municipal Authority, said on July 25 p.m.

convenient management  intellect control

"solar LED street light ? It was said quite advance, but it looks like no different with common street light except a panel!" pedestrian said like that when being ask question at 8 colock p.m., on July 25 . 

"solar street adopt distributed circuit control, street light switchenergy conversion are  intellect control instead of manual operation." Wu bo says, this plate is solar cell panel. Solar street light major added solar cell panel and specific storage battery on construction when comparing with common street light, meanwhile replace the common bulb by LED light. In additionally, these solar street light controlled by intelligent sensor according to brightness.   

time -saving  cheap  low-carbon and environment protaction

"Though it expensive at the earlier stage, yet its post-operating cost is much lower than common light. It have lots of advantage, for example, time-saving, cheap, low -carbon and environment protection, etc. " a workman said happily when being asked for the advantages of solar street light. 

              At present the price of solar street light is a bit expensive, generally, the price is 3 times higher than common light's. However, it was reported, solar street light's post-operating cost very cheap, needing no manual maintain except make a simple clean for the solar panel occasionally. Meanwhile, solar street light's service life is 10 years, the common light is 3 years, which not only can save labour, electric source but also meet the concept of low-Carbon and energy saving. A professional engineer who work in electronic technique make a accounting to explanation, his accounting indicated if install 100 solar street lights at the same watt, we can save about RMB 0.1 million yuan per year.

" Now it is on pilot stage, whether to promote or not depend on effect." Wu bo said.