Monday, March 21, 2011

Advantage West - Solar LED Lighting

Countries in the world energy supply security concerns and actions to address climate change, promoting renewable energy worldwide, the rapid development of technology and industry, such as solar power, wind power and other annual growth rate in more than 20%. Renewable energy has become to diversify energy sources, global climate change and achieving sustainable development an important alternative energy sources. Especially in the last two years, with fluctuations in international oil prices and the "Kyoto Protocol" into effect, renewable energy development as an international hot energy sector, has been widespread concern in many countries. The end of 2006, global installed capacity of renewable energy exceeded 200 million kilowatts, of which some small hydropower 80 million kilowatts, 75,000 kilowatts of wind power, geothermal power 10 million kilowatts, solar power more than 700 million kilowatts, solar PV annual growth rate of more than 60%, the production capacity of close to 200 million kilowatts.



Energy-saving advantages of led solar lighting

With economic development, China will greatly increase the lighting power, green energy-efficient lighting research and application, will be more and more attention. Solar LED lighting products as a cold light source, with higher cost, green, safe, reliable, stable quality, long life, easy installation and maintenance features, can be widely used in green lighting, road lighting, advertising light box lighting, urban landscape modeling lighting and home lighting systems, solar LED lighting, but a higher one-time investment of their development bottleneck.

Currently, lighting consumes about 20% of the entire power consumption is about to reduce electricity for lighting is an important way to save energy. To achieve this goal, the industry has a variety of research and development of energy efficient lighting equipment, and have achieved some results. However, from the "green light" requirement is also far, the development and application of more efficient, reliable, safe and durable new light source is imperative.

The end of 2006, the amount of renewable energy in China totaled 200 million tons of standard coal (not including the traditional use of biomass energy), accounting for 0.5 percentage points for renewable energy sources by 2010 account for 10% of total primary energy consumption The goal has taken a solid step forward. At present, China is in the following areas to promote the development of photovoltaic power generation in the domestic market: First, start sending electricity to the village projects; Second, the use of photovoltaic power generation on special projects, such as the World Expo, the Olympics; Third, in the desert building photovoltaic power plants; Fourth, some cities started to mobilize the roof plan; five, and study to improve the competitiveness of PV electricity price policy (90% of photovoltaic products, exports and the lack of domestic market, may limit China's PV industry long-term development. Once there is a change of foreign policy or the photovoltaic industry to protect their own industries to take measures to restrict imports, China has launched a large number of PV projects will face difficulties.)

Solar lighting technology innovation

LED low power consumption, extraordinary life has been widely applied to the signal indicator, digital display and other weak areas. However, conventional LED light source as the opening angle is small, point size, high brightness, light scattering is highly directional, easy to form a spot light, light uniformity is not good and other factors, hindered its application in the lighting field.

On the traditional structure of solar lighting, intelligent controller, the angle of the reflector lamp update and technical improvements, the best tilt angle design, the flat head and round complement each other, making it more uniform light, the overall brightness higher, the cost low, more conducive to promote the application.

The column and flat head LED light torch-style combination of structure, through the reasonable control of the flat installation of high brightness white LED tilt light emitted by the LED combination of the uniformity of illumination and the illumination be greatly improved. The technology will not only help to enhance light efficiency, and combined light energy is only 4W or so, the brightness of light emitted by up to 20W 40W incandescent lamp or energy saving light, can be more effective use of solar energy. 12W solar cells only need the capacity, 12V/24Ah the battery to be able to ensure that such LED light source in 5 continuous rainy days to work effectively, and that the useful life of 100,000 hours or more, for more than 10 times the energy-saving lamps.

Specifically developed for the combination of street area light source - cross-shaped and rectangular light source combination, give full play to the opening angle of flat head LED light size distribution and large round area of ​​high brightness LED point advantage, so that the two complement each other to maximize the light effect, to overcome the flat LED light point area than round LED, LED lighting uniformity and round flat head LED as the shortcomings.

In the controller, the use of solar photovoltaic technology, to maximize energy collection, the power reserve is completed, the battery light source to provide 12V DC power supply, so that the light source produces 6500K white light. Also, by streamlining the intelligent controller structure, making the structure more simple, the failure rate lower, in order to further reduce the cost to do the technical preparation. Moreover, by detecting the solar cell output and battery power to determine system status, to achieve automatic control of the whole system and intelligent management.

Promote the use of solar lighting

Solar energy as an emerging green energy, with its unparalleled advantages in rapid application. As a fourth generation light source in city beautification lighting, road lighting, garden lighting, indoor lighting and other lighting in all areas and applications has been effectively utilized. Especially in remote areas without electricity, solar lighting a more extensive application prospects.

Most people believe that energy-saving lamps can save energy 4 / 5 is a great initiative, but also energy saving lamp LED than 1 / 4, which is the great innovation of solid light. In addition, LED light, also has high quality, essentially no radiation, reliable and durable, very low maintenance costs and other advantages, typical of the green lighting.

The successful development of ultra bright LED, greatly reducing the cost of solar lighting to use, so that at or near the early-frequency AC lighting system installed cost quotations, and protect the environment, ease of installation, operation security, economic and energy saving. Because LED light with high efficiency, low heat advantage, have been increasingly used in the lighting field, and showed a trend to replace traditional lighting.

In western China, non-trunk solar lights, solar garden lights become the size. With the vigorous development of solar lamps, the "green light" will become a trend.

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