Monday, December 19, 2011

LED lighting industry 2011 to lay the pain of transition shocks for 2012

A fillip dump, end of the year has been to. Looking back at 2011, the lighting industry, LED lighting filled with too much on the topic, and many of the "Scream" converging to a passionate symphony, in the light of the world, Cui into the lighting people work hard. The coordinates of the Chinese LED lighting set sail carrying too many people the joy of success and setbacks bother worry, in 2011 the development path of "spiritual transformation" was dismembered into differentiated market philosophy, and so "transformation" in the LED lighting revolution where is portrayed as the only industry keywords.
"Transformation 2011" should be translated into real "successful 2012"
2011 is the starting second five-year plan, the LED lighting industry is in transition. China has promulgated the "five-second emission reduction plan," "out of incandescent road map", "" second five "work program to control greenhouse gas emissions" and other policy measures are deeply concerned about the LED green lighting industry, However, the nature of the real state capital subsidy policy has not yet released. From the national level about the LED lighting industry is still in the survival of the fittest of the unstable period in urgent need of industry experts and scholars in related companies and related technologies to achieve new breakthroughs in LED lighting, LED lighting truly green, health and wisdom of nature, etc. features, and price to achieve the value of grass-roots consumer prices. State funding has not issued a clear subsidy policy does not mean that the relevant attitudes of indifference, the opposite is the type represents a tacit encouragement from the side of the LED lighting industry needs breakthrough. LED lighting technology nowadays there are many errors do, the stability of related technologies, there are still shortcomings. Such as LED lighting companies chasing too much white light, ignoring the human visual tolerance; another example, the LED lighting industry are emphasizing energy saving, energy-saving lamps to vigorously criticized the "mercury" polluting, ignoring their own price and value in use real matching. In addition, 2011 is the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" and "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of the transition, the state in the lighting industry must maintain a stable transition, the introduction of LED lighting industry hastily capital subsidy policy, highlighting the dawn means the original many energy-saving lamp enterprises will close down, or energy-saving lamps LED lighting industry companies rush, resulting in chaos in the LED lighting industry. Relevant state departments of LED lighting industry, calm attitude is to ensure stability and prosperity of the socialist market economy, the situation entails, "sit situation from the" behavior should be accepted by the relevant LED lighting business, and "Complaints" threw himself into power cultivate internal strength, and thus the surface of the "transformation of 2011" into a real "successful 2012."
LED lighting in 2011 laid the tone was a big change in the situation next year or
LED 2011 is the chaos princes disputes, large and small LED lighting companies are themselves experts in the industry, and "with fried too fast." This is a direct result of the "closures" of strikes, thus resulting in a bloody tragedy of the lighting industry. Competition in the market does not exist a culture of moderation "and" concept, missing the human touch of vicious competition is bound to grief shaking. Jiangsu LED lighting market, for example, many manufacturers of LED lighting LED lighting and related agents are fighting in the engineering market, street lamps, lighting and display screen as its main battleground, a piece of N-person points how can "eat." Over time, competitors will, "industry will not trade." For LED lighting industry innovation and development, the core competitiveness of enterprises must accelerate the build, from the choice has advantages. "Transformation 2011" in the process of "collapse" The tide is a good lesson, Shenzhen LED lighting business is a true reflection of the relocation, from Shenzhen in miniature, we do not want to be like in 2012, "China will close down . "
Across the country have photoelectric industrial park is rising, LED lighting industry in 2012 will usher in the spring of LED lighting products, hoarding period. Products for enterprises means benefit, rather than the tactics of "wide grain" of the positive effect that is increasing in the same types of enterprises on the basis of how to make a difference brand and market position to become the primary solution for SMEs the problem. 2011 LED lighting business transformation requires more than technological innovation, enterprise managers need to do their own product positioning, market positioning and brand promotion and other issues. NVC's business according to the market, the street Kingsun markets will face a huge impact, and Henderson, Jiangsu market, the history of Ford, Shang Mingguang electricity will also be Yangzhou, Nantong, Yancheng LED lighting and other related corporate predators.
LED lighting industry is not the FMCG industry, which determines the relevant lighting market in the development period will be a blank file. Faced with an increasingly large number of competitors, LED lighting companies must continue to develop outside of China the New World, and create more trade orders to become the focus of many large enterprises capture, which also resulted in the relevant qualification nowadays industry's prosperity. 2011 to obtain CE, 3C certification of companies is increasing, which is to reduce the "too hasty with fried" phenomenon of a rescue program. In addition, the "transformation 2011" in the LED lighting market is fully open civilian market, so that grass-roots people to become the new light source directly to consumers, in order to up the big cake. Electricity than a tiger, with the energy crisis at home, LED lighting industry will be playing the "tiger" hero.
LED lighting industry in 2011 was a year of extraordinary rather than mediocrity, pain and happiness. 2011 laid the tone of LED lighting, LED lighting industry in 2012 will also eye-catching Bi Maya prophecy, let us wait and see.

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