Tuesday, November 29, 2011

LED home lighting small buyers

Phenomenon: LED home lighting small buyers
Reporters interviewed found that Foshan is an important national base for the new light source, almost all of the major companies are developing LED lighting products for home use. Reporters from FoshanCountry star power(002449,Share it), Foshan Kaixi and other enterprises understand that most home-use fluorescent tubes, light bulb, for example, has developed a LED lamp, LED bulb lights to replace traditional lighting products.

It is understood, held in June this year, Guangzhou Lighting Fair 2011, also has information revealed, the country's interior LED lighting companies will push into the field. In the session of the exhibition, GE Lighting, Philips Lighting, Osram lighting, display lighting giants have LED interior lighting applications. The three male Aurora and other traditional domestic companies have also introduced indoor lighting LED products.
Reporters in the city of a Huayi Decoration lamps wholesale shops visited found that there are already suitable for home use LED ceiling and lighting products in the sales and other past models. Liu, person in charge of the shop, because the price of reasons, not the sales of these LED lights, but there are still some of the luxury home decoration buyers come to buy. It is understood that in order to release the two light compared to the same brightness, LED lamp energy saving lamp price is 3 times the price even higher.
An opportunity: To take out of incandescent lighting, LED foothold
Many manufacturers said that at present, LED products are still mainly used in landscape lighting, outdoor lighting and other power-hungry public and many government projects based lighting projects. In the interior lighting, LED is mainly used in large-scale supermarkets, factories, hotels or some high-end projects, currently a small percentage.
With incandescent been eliminated and subsidies for energy-efficient lighting products, LED lighting market is expected to accelerate, even in 2012 the industry expect the first year for the popularity of LED interior lighting. Many companies admitted in the long run, LED lighting, a bright future ahead. Data show that use white LED lighting, comparable fluorescent lamps (commonly known as CFLs) saving 50%, 80% energy than incandescent. In addition, LED, etc. also has a long life, no mercury, no pollution, security and good benefits, is recognized as the third generation of electric light.
Foshan Lighting(000541,Share it) Lighting Association, Wu Yulin analysis, the state developed a plan to phase out incandescent lamps, which would inevitably lead to more business-to-light LED home lighting concerns. With more money into R & D investment, will further reduce LED manufacturing costs, and more intense competition will increase the price goes down, these positive factors will lead into more than the commercial LED lighting,

home lighting market more the market.
Advantages: energy saving, more beautiful home decor
Wu Yulin introduction, the price factor aside, compared to traditional light sources, LED lighting and decoration in the home has a great advantage. Smaller size, colorful light, can be decorated in a different form of home decoration, commercial display any corner of the room response to different styles and color decoration needs. In addition, LED light source can also adjust the color, form colorful lights ... ...
Although the current application of LED in home prices are still subject to high resistance, but with low power, high-life advantages, LED has been favored by the high-end consumer groups, and reached a higher level in the home life.
Foshan Lighting Kaixi responsible Liao Fan Zhen introduced, as people's living standards improve, more and more home decoration valued by high-income groups. LED lighting technology matures, the mood of home decoration to add more elements, LED can be more variable form, create a more exotic atmosphere of the scene to meet the needs of different groups of mood lighting. At present, LED mood lighting, home lighting is expected to high-style, leading the lighting along the fashion lines.

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