Tuesday, October 11, 2011

LED lighting suppliers promote the best starting point

There is no doubt that the current Fujian LED lighting suppliers Great Technology, but a shortage of funds and it is Difficult to promote the use of the Rapid Development of Industry, the Biggest constraints.
"LED business developed well, it will produce explosive returns." Putian City Committee Chairman Yang Pengfei back strong in 2008, called attention to the section on the IMC and other LED lights manufacturers in the development, he said, "With the beginning of R & D Investment and Development of the High, the first Hope that the State LED Energy Subsidies to the rapid introduction of products and implemented, helping enterprises to solve major research funding; but more to give policies to guide the enterprises to find partners, set up a fund, etc., with the market's way to get funding. "
September 23, Fujian and Taiwan exchange mutual recognition of the "road lighting with light emitting diode" and "big power Street, "the two LED standards promulgated," the country's first model in the LED industry in Fujian scale, upgrade technology, improve the standards will play an important role. "Provincial Bureau of integrated planning information at the Shen Shi told reporters.
LED applications include displays , Lighting and special displays, including outdoor lighting, household and commercial lighting. According to statistics, home lighting only accounts for 8% of national electricity consumption, the LED's a big market, but has not yet introduced in countries with high price subsidies, and sometimes difficult to promote.
"Promotion from start to force commercial lighting. The measure, requiring 24-hour lighting in place, such as underground parking, the hotel hallway stairs, mining, etc., If the lighting replaced with LED, only a year, saving on energy costs Recoverable costs. "Peng Wanhua, said provincial Highway has the lead in the use of the Highway tunnel LED lighting , Has installed 20,000 LED lights , Saving nearly 40% by the State Development and Reform Commission affirmed. Xiamen in the LED industry gathering to start the implementation of applications from landscape projects, now, the city has used 33,528 LED lights.

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