Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2011 value of nearly 200 billion LED lighting

Energy Agency estimates that this year LED lighting Output value is expected to reach NT $ 198 billion yuan, a record high of nearly three years, however, annual growth rate is rapidly declining year by year, the first half of this year, investment firms less than a hundred million, return on investment because companies will react next year, Energy Agency estimates that the annual output value of annual growth, probably continued to decline.
Energy Board started collecting statistics 97 years since the Republic, LED lighting, photovoltaic output to NT $ 46 billion yuan, 98 year 936 million, 99 year 162.6 billion yuan, up 198 billion yuan this year, more expected.
It is noteworthy that the annual growth rate are in rapid decline, the 98-year annual growth rate of 103.47%, 73.71% in 1999, fell to only grow this year is 21.77%.
Energy officials said, LED industry investment during the peak period, mainly fall 1998 and 99 years, LED lighting is energy saving and carbon reduction under the new business opportunities derived, together with the environment in Europe and America market in good condition, vendors and layout, new capacity to In response to orders, as put into effect after the production capacity must be delayed for one year show, estimated value of this year, will reach 198 billion yuan.
However, only the first half of the amount of investment companies NT 8.8 billion, or less than a hundred billion, highlighting the manufacturers are not optimistic about the prospects for the future, officials believe that next year's output will grow more this year, only modest growth.
Therefore, the Energy Board for the next year a total of NT $ 330 million subsidy LED lighting products, LED lamps parts, frame a budget of NT $ 180 million through energy-efficient performance to ensure service delivery (ESCO), LED lamp replacement preliminary first to Keelung, Hsinchu and Chiayi as a demonstration area, the Ministry expects the economy before the end of 107, replace the national 815,000 LED lights.

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