Monday, August 1, 2011

SuiNing initial install LED street light at large area

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Recently, a lot of workmen who work in electric industrial park and nearby farmer found that  over 10 new street lights has been installed at yulong Road, north of suining city, Sichuan Province. It was learned, the 90 new street lights are solar LED lights whom firstly be installed in our city at large area, which be taken as vital evidence to decide whether to make a further promotion or not. 

pilot explore   RMB 7000 /P

On spot, several workman are arranging cable on electrical pole, some one is installing Photovoltaic solar panels, some men are installing LED lights...... Though workman are sweating profusely, yet no one stop for a while. Install workman introduced the solar cell of LED absorb sun power at day, then storage after transform the sun power into electronic power to meet lighting at night.

"Adding installation charge, this project need cost RMB seven hundred thousand yuan in total when count at RMB 7000 yuan a light." Wu bo, director of Development Zone Municipal Authority, said on July 25 p.m.

convenient management  intellect control

"solar LED street light ? It was said quite advance, but it looks like no different with common street light except a panel!" pedestrian said like that when being ask question at 8 colock p.m., on July 25 . 

"solar street adopt distributed circuit control, street light switchenergy conversion are  intellect control instead of manual operation." Wu bo says, this plate is solar cell panel. Solar street light major added solar cell panel and specific storage battery on construction when comparing with common street light, meanwhile replace the common bulb by LED light. In additionally, these solar street light controlled by intelligent sensor according to brightness.   

time -saving  cheap  low-carbon and environment protaction

"Though it expensive at the earlier stage, yet its post-operating cost is much lower than common light. It have lots of advantage, for example, time-saving, cheap, low -carbon and environment protection, etc. " a workman said happily when being asked for the advantages of solar street light. 

              At present the price of solar street light is a bit expensive, generally, the price is 3 times higher than common light's. However, it was reported, solar street light's post-operating cost very cheap, needing no manual maintain except make a simple clean for the solar panel occasionally. Meanwhile, solar street light's service life is 10 years, the common light is 3 years, which not only can save labour, electric source but also meet the concept of low-Carbon and energy saving. A professional engineer who work in electronic technique make a accounting to explanation, his accounting indicated if install 100 solar street lights at the same watt, we can save about RMB 0.1 million yuan per year.

" Now it is on pilot stage, whether to promote or not depend on effect." Wu bo said.

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