Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LED bus stop lighting systems are particularly suitable for rural areas?

After nearly two years of the pilot, Hangzhou Xiaoshan region currently has 54 rural bus stop using solar power led lighting system. Xiaoshan passenger transport infrastructure headquarters confirmed that this lighting system is the latest in the next year before the Spring Festival, the region has completed the transformation of the rural bus stop in use.

Lighting system especially suitable for rural areas

It is reported that rural bus stop, no lighting, it is prone to the site to be touched or been touched Yexing Ren and other accidents. To some extent, bus stops lighting lighting even more important than the road. However, due to its location in rural areas, rural bus stop, take more trouble with the municipal people's power, then the cost of electricity is also high.

Back in September 2008, Samick line Xinyi village bus stop on both sides of roads, installation of LED lighting systems, this is my first trial area LED lighting system. This lighting system consists of solar power and low-carbon of LED lights. Main function is to use photovoltaic technology to convert solar energy into electricity. LED is a semiconductor light-emitting diode abbreviation. In the LED lighting systems, photovoltaic electricity will be stored in batteries, then the supply of LED lights, complete with its light emitting characteristics. This system, solar energy is completely clean, light-emitting diode is an environmentally friendly, energy saving, power efficient solid-state light sources. LED lighting is the next generation of new sources of energy and the perfect combination.

Xiaoshan passenger transport infrastructure Jin Wei, head of the command are said to use LED lighting in rural public transportation system not only solved the difficult problem of electrical connection sites, even more gratifying is that this system was originally designed for the 7th consecutive rainy days as usual to generate electricity. Last year, Xiaoshan nine consecutive rainy days, at night, bus stop lighting systems to work as usual.

Stops in each province costs 3000 yuan

Jin Wei calculations are to reporters, the original bus stop site uses the fluorescent lighting. A 8 m bus station, for example, to install fluorescent tubes is 30, each fluorescent lighting 10 hours per night, the bus stops a year in electricity (commercial electricity prices) needs to 4489.5 yuan.

Use of LED lighting systems, using solar power technology, no electricity costs. However, this system was the battery replaced once every three years, and to install security devices, this is a major expense. According to the staff, for this system is 12 volts, will not cause injuries to passengers.

According to reports, the half of the transit site uses LED lighting systems, electric lighting, the other half still received the same time lighting, LED fluorescent lamp night power consumption of only about 30%. Year, the use of LED lights to save electricity bus station is about 3,000 yuan.

It also is not fluorescent tube replacement cost. Fluorescent tube life is generally two to three years, the cost of each lamp to buy $ 8. The LED lamp life of 100,000 hours, according to the design for 20 years without replacement. LED Lights Lamp replacement cost is not generated by the number of pens.

The end of September there are 580 sites, "light"

In the early 54 pilot rural bus stop in New Street and Town have a pilot up to justice, each with 10, Puyang, eight, six Canton Town, temporary Town, Nga town Ning around town all four, wearing the village and town on the river 2.

It is understood that the end of September this year, 580 rural bus stops will be installed on the LED lighting system, until next year before the Spring Festival, the district soared to 600 rural bus stop, the cost savings will be considerable.

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