Tuesday, April 26, 2011

For high-power solutions for power failure

At present the industry's high-power lamps have been a power supply problems. Because the street's unique environment requires power, high efficiency, small size, light weight, waterproof, and several other features. Makes the high rate of power failure lights, and the higher power, the higher the failure rate!

Some of the current industry solution is:

         1. In the high power a few lights on the small power supply, so that the heat dispersion, the temperature of a single power supply is reduced, thereby reducing the failure rate of power supply. However, because the volume and appearance of the alignment, the customer is generally difficult to accept.

         2. using solid capacitors, where the most common failure is that the capacitor, and capacitor failure due to thermal breakdown. Solid capacitors in this area but does have the advantage of greater cost-high! But no obvious improvement!

3. seeking superior quality electronic components to increase power efficiency. This may seem simple, but difficult to achieve the short term!

4. increase the cooling fan


Switching power supply is actually a very mature product, in the widely used home appliances and many other fields. And street power than just a different application environment. In particular the need for street lights to increase the water!Through testing, the power in the street, because plastic irrigation, so that the heat inside the export and distribution of not timely. Makes the 150W power supply inside temperature is 80 ℃, and the 300W power supply inside temperature is 100.5 ℃. This is not measured heat production components and the temperature of hot concentrated area! Waterproof and heat is very contradictory, so that the power to face a major street conflicts - heat. If we can maintain the temperature of lamp power to 60 ℃ or so, it will, and is as stable and durable home appliances!


Since the street is the main contradiction power failure heat, then we should seize this idea contradiction:

1.        to improve the wiring inside the power supply in the irrigation plastic, because the thermal conductivity of the limited capacity of sealant. Therefore need to consider when wiring in the wiring and cooling problems. Capacitance is relatively weak, but do not produce their own heat. The main components are heat FET and transformer, but the two heat capacity is good, in theory at least higher than 40 ℃ or so. So we need to design the wiring capacitance components away from the heat, even with the heat protection (good capacitors do not produce their own heat.) The major components of the heat near the shell, is conducive to heat dissipation. This can guarantee the basic power of the "hot" issues are resolved!

2.        oil-cooling heat dissipation, which is a simple method is to soak in all the electronic components inside the insulating oil, the use of high thermal conductivity of liquid capacity of the convection of heat conduction to the outer shell heat. This method of direct and effective! But there are structural difficulties, such as seals,,, but if the design can still be a good solution!


Although all the questions may involve a number of areas, but as long as the grasp the principal contradiction, the problem will be solved! Lamp power supply problem is multifaceted, involving the quality of electronic components, circuit design, the performance of plastic irrigation, housing cooling capacity, waterproof design, but only one principal contradiction - heat.

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