Monday, June 13, 2011

LED Street Lights Controls Delivers Greater Energy Efficiency

Streetlight Intelligence Inc. ("SLQ") is pleased to report that, the street Lighting industry has recognized that Led luminaires can achieve greater energy efficiency when outfitted with adaptive lighting controls, such as SLQ's Lumen IQ™ Adaptive Street Light Management System. In fact, industry experts have recently stated that "led street lights designed for a long service life can be operated at reduced power levels and still deliver the needed light output, plus controls can dim or extinguish lights as appropriate… a street light with an adaptive lighting controller could cut back drive current by 30% at install time both saving energy and potentially lengthening the service life of the LEDs and the drive electronics".

"SLQ is well positioned to capitalize on the growing industry adoption of LED technology for roadway lighting applications, and to date we have worked with 7 LED fixture manufacturers including 5 of the top North American manufacturers," states Vince Krynski, SLQ's CEO. "We have made the appropriate investment to develop the right products and we are establishing relationships with key players in the Led lighting arena to ensure our products interface seamlessly".
SLQ recently released its Lumen IQ™ L300 controller with its first installation in the city of Vancouver BC. The L300 works specifically with LED luminaires and is controlled as part of a standard Lumen IQ™ Adaptive Street Light Management System. The result is that SLQ customers can manage both LED and HID lights using the same system, making their transition to LED luminaires as cost-effective as possible.
About the Lumen IQ™ Adaptive Street Light Management System
The Lumen IQ™ Adaptive Street Light Management System has the capability to track energy use and to accurately measure energy savings. It also automatically informs dispatch crews on maintenance needs, such as lamp failures, and monitors the performance of individual street lights, which enables proactive maintenance and reduced response times.
About Streetlight Intelligence Inc.
Streetlight Intelligence Inc. develops advanced, award-winning adaptive street light management systems. Trademarked as Lumen IQ™, SLQ's technologies can be used with existing or new street lighting fixtures, including LED-based fixtures, to provide improved lamp performance, adaptive lighting control, and system-wide communications for centralized street light management. SLQ's systems enable street light operators to significantly reduce their community's energy consumption, maintenance costs and environmental impact. SLQ is a public company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol SLQ". For more information, visit

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